Welcome and congratulations! You have taken a significant step towards your own healing path...

Therapy, though not always easy, can help you create a life aligned with your own true purpose. You are making a skillful and compassionate decision for yourself and your family by seeking help. This is also a deeply personal decision and it is essential that you feel comfortable and safe with your therapist. I offer a free introductory phone consultation so we can talk a bit and determine if we work well together.

Struggling with anxiety?

...related to the performance or social demands of school, work or other areas of your life?

Overwhelmed by a loss?

...of a beloved person, pet, life plan or dream? Are you feeling consumed by sadness, anxiety, anger or confusion?

New life circumstances?

...a career change, loss of a relationship, or even a planned or expected life event? Are you wondering, “who am I now?”

Rediscover and learn to trust the wisdom of your inner voice.